Tuesday, May 12, 2009


American culture worldwide. Globalization works in many different areas. Examine how American culture is present in our lives.


  1. There are many different areas in our lives where we can find American culture.
    For example in our music or in sports!
    We hear Jazz, Blues and also Rap or HipHop!
    Without globalization, it won't work!
    We also watch popular American series like The Simpsons at least everyday!

  2. American culture – the influence on myself

    I can't imagine what it would be like if the influence of American culture vanished out of my everyday life.
    The most important thing for me is the music.
    I do listen to classical music, but I prefer American music. Jazz, Country, Rhythm & Blues, Rock'n Roll ,Blues , Rock , Pop and Rap is the music
    that eveybody listens to in Germany ,including me of course.
    Furthermore you can hardly watch a movie or a tv-series that is not American
    or at least touched by American influence.
    Those are in my opinion positive things. Some people in Germany might
    criticize this American influences, but that's just the way it is.

    However, there are some things of American culure that are really negative.
    For example: Fast Food.
    To be honest, the number of fat people increased in America and is increasin'
    in Germany aswell. Reasons for this might ,at least partly, be the consumption
    of fast food(e.g. burgers, frites)
    Nevertheless, I think that American culture makes my life maybe better,
    but at least more interesting.

  3. the american culture is present in many diffrent areas of my life:
    for example in the morning when i start my day with some eggs and ham. i drive to school while listening to american hiphop. i like american brands like rocawear, apple bottom, sean john, g unit etc.
    in addition in my freetime í often watch mtv included these funny cartoons, datingseries, dancingcompetions and the search of americas next topmodel.
    i dont want to abdicate my life without simpsons and all the other products of hollywood.
    furthermore i dont want to miss my ipod, my computersystem and all these fast food outlets

  4. American culture in Germany:
    Germany is influenced by multiple cultures .
    I think that the American culture plays the biggest role.
    You can hardly think of any movies, tv-series or music that is not American or at least
    influenced by US-culture.
    I think that this is a good thing. Because I like those movies and especially the music.
    Some people in Germany say that it’s to much American influence in our everyday life.
    There are also some guys who think that American culture is no real culture.
    Nevertheless, as I’ve said before I really like American culture.
    However, there is a negative thing about it: “fast food”.There are a lot of fat people in the
    US and in Germany. And that’s at least in a way because of burgers and fries.

  5. american culture is every where. with the tv we watch, the movies we see, and the clothes we wear.

  6. ......and the food we buy.

  7. where can i see american influenced things in my life.
    refering to what i said before i start my morning with american hiphop (favourite wake-up-song: sunshine twista) of my ipod. there are hardly people who dont have any things from apple: iphones, ipods, imac.. just everything.
    there are also just few people who does not watch simpsons or family guy.
    everyone knows playboy, girls gone wild,..
    there are that many celebrities in usa who are matter number one in germany

  8. I really didn’t know that rap songs would be popular in Germany but they are. I heard some German rap yesterday and it was definitely different but it was still good music even though I didn't know what they were saying it still rhymed.

  9. I don't really know too much about what we send to Germany, but I do know that most of our bands wind up touring there or selling their albums there.