Thursday, May 14, 2009

You are what you eat!

We know that the way the world produces food has changed over that last 50 years. Some argue that the "globalization" of food production has created food shortages, the disappearance of the family farm, and lead to widespread food borne illnesses. What do you think? Have the benefits outweighed the costs? Refer to at least one of the following articles in your response:


  1. as the consumer choice says the low cost of these fast food places and in grocery store has caused local farmers to lose there jobs.

  2. The benefits of globalization definitely do NOT outweigh the costs. Having 100,000 families lose their farms in a period of 5 years is not healthy for any country's economy. With the statistics of Mexicans living in extreme poverty increasing from 36 percent to 52.4 percent increases the world's chances of having the human population of decreasing dramatically. Yeah it may only be one race right now, but think about it, it will be everyone else in time.

  3. btw I got that from Globalization and Consumer Choice

  4. The process described in the article is the same in Germany.
    There is obviously no place for family farms and small food producing companies
    In this globalized world that we live in.
    However, it’s a good idea that groups like `Farm Aid´ try to take care of the situation.
    They want to give advise to the people. That’s the reason why some guys like Neil Young
    and Willie Nelson joined this union. And it’s a nice idea. Because we all konw that
    God is Young!

  5. Well, actually I was shocked when I read theses articles about the local family farms...
    I think too that its a good idea to have projects like ''Farm Aid''!
    We all should look what we eat in our everyday life and not just buy the cheapest stuff!
    There is often a lot of bad extras in our food!
    They add a syntetic flavor to it and we consumers hardly don't know!
    I think we should protect our health and don't buy every sh**...

  6. i totally agree with moritz
    most of the people just care about the price but not about the quality.

    there should be more projects like "farm aid" to protect family famrs and little companies.