Tuesday, May 12, 2009


"Where do I as an individual fit into the global competition and opportunities of today?" Try to answer Friedman's question by looking at the requirements, chances, and dangers, that globalization mean for YOU.
What must a young "globalized citizen" be able to do to be "successful"?


  1. A big advantage of globalization is the modern communication!
    We all can easily be in contact with blogs or mails!

  2. I suppose every one is a part of globalization because we are all being apart of the consumerism. Buying clothes, food, etc, from other countries. so in a way we are all involved

  3. Mobilephones, clothes and music are very important for me, too. I totally agree with you.
    However, apart from that it is the chances, that are given to you.
    In the world of today you have to be able to
    communicate with people from other countries.
    The best thing is to speak as many languages
    as possible. Because you badly need. To have success in any buisness you'll sooner or later have to travel to foreign countries or at least work together with them.
    That's the way to make money these days:
    thigs have changed.

  4. I agree with your comment!
    Your right, its very important to speak as much languages as possible!But its also very important to be in contact with as much people as possible and for that I think we need our global communication system! Remember todays world without telephones and global internet access! I don't no but for me internet and telephone are very important! I hardly use them everyday!

  5. In addition to my first statement:
    I think that the chance to go abroad is one of the huge advantages of globalization.
    50 years ago most people simply were not able to go to countries that far away.

  6. It is important to know different languages but at the same time you got to think of the area you’re in. For instance over here in America the majority of the language is English the second language taught over here now a day’s is Spanish very few other languages are spoken. But if you did have those advantages to learn more than two languages you would be more successful but it’s just not likely in America because we don’t base our lives around other languages besides English and Spanish.

  7. I don't know, there is a lot of americans in the U.S who don't know how to speak english. In school, a second language is required to take. But I honestly think if you are going to that country and planing to live there, you should know the language. Not expect people to learn the language of the people who are coming over to America from other countries. I mean it is very helpful to know a second or third or even fourth language but you should at least know the main language that is spoken in the countries. not with just America. If an american is planning to go to germany (or any other country) to live for a while, you should learn the main language. Like when you go to a store or some sort of working area, there is always some who doesn't know what you are saying because they don't speak The language.

  8. I think as a "globalized citizen" of the world, we should at least have common courtesy enough to be able to learn the language of the country you plan to enter if you decide to leave your home country rather than expect them to learn your language for you. I personally plan to go to Germany sometime and I am in Deutsch eins (I wish I started taking German before, but I didn't).

  9. i cant imagine my life without being able to speak or at least to understand english. i wonder how others can hadle that.
    i wouldn't understand my favourit songs or understand most of the ads.
    some movies are just in english, some warningnotices are just in enlish and also some books are just in english.

    and if you are in a foreign country and you don't know the language there it's always very useful to be able to talk with the people there in english.