Sunday, May 10, 2009


Collect all direct and indirect effects of globalization that you would regard as positive. Be specific about the positive impact by giving examples and referring to sources and evidence.


  1. positive aspects of globalization:
    -more trade > more jobs > less povetry
    (e.g. China, India, other Asian countries)
    -number of violent conflicts all over the world declined over the last ten years

  2. I agree with Jonas points and just want to add that Globalization affects also on our everyday life.For example our clothes from China or simply the www!

  3. Every country can't make everything they need so Globalization is a very big part of our everyday life without trade who knows what we would have and what we wouldn’t.

  4. a positive effect of globalization is that we all work together as one world. instead of seperate countries. Another positive of globalization is buying things that come from different countries that may not grow in the one you are living in. like fruits, or any other product.

  5. i totally agree with jamie
    i couldnt imagine my life without globalizetion. just think about where your cloth or make-up is from.

  6. Positive effects of globalization would be that we can bring jobs to other poor countries, so long as we don't take them away, and we are able to get higher quality items for a cheaper cost.