Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dude! What are you wearing!?!

Check your clothing labels. Go on... do it! Where were your clothes made? Chances are that the clothes we are wearing were produced by someone in a "less developed country" (LDSs) for a fraction of what it would cost to produce in Germany or in the USA. What are the cost and benefits of this? How do we "trade" with people who might only earn a few Euros/Dollars a week? Is such a system beneficial? For whom?


  1. The only person it is benificial to is the people that own the sweat shops and they set up shop in third world country's to make twice as much as they already make.

  2. So I checked my labels on my clothing, or at least the ones that are appropriate for checking in school, and I found out that my shirt was actually made in America; however my belt and shoes were both made in China. The benefits to outsourcing to LDSs is that it helps the person who owns the company. I'll add more later.

  3. I’ve roughly checked my clothes. And it’s true.
    At least 90% of the things that I have on are produced in China or some other
    South-East-Asian country.
    I think that this is beneficial for us. Becuse we can buy clothes for cheaper money.
    It’s also very good for the big companies in Europe and the US, which trade, transport
    and sell those articles.(e.g. Puma, Nike, ...)
    The people producing those clothes only get a fraction of the money that is in play,
    But they have jobs

  4. Yes I agree with Jonas!
    At least 90% of my clothes are from China too!
    We don't care about it where our clothes come from...We just wear it and don't think!
    The little worker who is producing our shoes and T-Shirts everyday just earns at leat a few cents!
    Is that a fair world..?..and should globalization be that way?
    In my opinion, every worker should get enough money to live a normal life! ready
    And I would be ready to pay for it!

  5. Moritz, you may be ready to do so, but what about those who can barely buy food for themselves much less buy clothes for a more expensive price than they already are. What would that do to the economy of the world?

  6. Of course most of our clothes are made in another country. like every one said its cheaper to thats why they do it. Its wrong, yes. Will it be stopped?..probably not. with out the workers who work for less, the clothing companies would probably go into debt. They probably won't stop paying people for less. Thats it. Go out and buy a sewing machine and make your own clothes, if your against it. If you actually want to stop being a part of it. I have a sewing machine and it isnt hard at all to make your own clothes.

  7. thats not easy to discuss:

    of course its unfair that these workers only get a few pence. but better than nothing
    i mean if we make our clothes ourself or just buy local then these workers wont get anything. no money no life.
    i also want to add that many people really have theproblem which kelly discribed.
    they hardly can buy there food so how should they be able to buy that expensive clothes.

    in my opinion the best would be that the people who have the money would support local companies or those who shell out more for their workers.