Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Food items often travel around the world before we eat them. Analyze eating habits in your country. You might consider the following aspects, among others:
time (mealtimes, time it takes to prepare and eat meals), accelerating lifestyles, presence of women in the workforce, access to a variety of foods, food advertising, ethnic food (which countries = which foods?)


  1. Global food:
    One the one hand I think that global food isn’t good. These days we eat very fast in
    Just huge amounts and low costs are important. In the past it was very important to have a
    meal together with your family, your friends or even at work. But I see what happened to
    it. Quality isn’t required anymore.

    On the other hand it’s quite interesting to have a lot of recepies from different countries.
    Everybody likes pizza or burgers.

  2. i agree with Jonas. in todays society all we care about is the amount of food we get and if its cheap. we do not care any more if its healthy, if we are over eating, and if we are doing it as a family. In america; the more food there is the better, even if you we are full...we keep eating. It's quanity over quality. also like Jonas said, i remember when every one would sit down for a nice home cooked meal but now every one has busy schedules and no time to sit and eat with your family let alone eat a home cooked meal. We want food thats fast and easy, hence the name of the fast food industry. Fast and easy

  3. We also eat fast in America sometimes too fast consuming fast food products every hour using up a huge supply of food that is exported sure it’s good for the company owners but what about the people that eat it 3 times a day.

  4. Yes, America started up the whole "eat as fast as you can" thing, but if we hadn't what would anyone do when they have no time at all to go home and eat a good meal? If anything America doesn't really have a varied amount of foreign food. It's mainly Mexican food and any type of European food comes very expensive in America.

  5. i dont really get your point kelly.
    why do people have to go home to eat slowly?

    i love cooking some healthy but delishes meals with my dad. so i just do it. peolpe have time for watching TV, playing computergames or making there nails. but not for dinner.
    i think its often not the stress or busy schedules, we are just to lazy.

    for me its not essentiel that i have my breakfast at 8 o'clock, lunch at 12 o'clock and dinner at 6 o'clock.
    we eat when we are hungry and when we have time. so to my mind even in this modern world in which women are working and teenagers' school takes longer, it is possible to eat together.

    i also want to mention that i really dont like fastfood like burger or fatty fries.
    fastfood: billions of calories which only taste "good" because of flavor enhancer.
    and the problem with this fast eating is that your body says that you're full only after about a half hour. never mind how much or less you eat. but when you eat too fast you feel it just to late.
    but of course i have to admit that i cant overcome nicnacs or pizza anyway.

  6. Yes, Laura I see your point, and I agree with your point of view, I am the same way; however other people look at as a way to get some quick calories to "fill" them up rather than finding something healthy for you. I would rather we didn't go through and eat fast, but that is how the American culture is making it to be.