Monday, May 11, 2009


Should you "buy globally" or "buy locally", considering the environmental impact of the transport industry? Give a statement and give reasons for your opinion. You can refer to and comment on what the other members of your group say.


  1. Buy “locally” or “globally”:
    In my opinion the only aspect that speaks against buying “globaly” is the fact,
    that the environment is destroyed by high air pollution because of the transport
    of goods all over the world.

    On the other hand I thik that we have to and that we need to buy things from foreign
    countries. If we only bought things that are “Made in Germany” there wouldn’t be much
    things left to buy. Think of clothes or computer-accesories .
    I also think that by buying goods “globally” other countries, poorer countries are

  2. I agree with Jonas points,
    but I want to add that we should not only buy globally because than our local economy will soon go bankrupt!
    Sure, we should buy products from other countries when there are no similars from Germany...but when there is the same product from Germany, we should think of our local economy!

  3. i think we should buy localy because the local farmers are people apart of our community and if people do not support the community, friends and family could become poor.

  4. i agree on you.
    we cant buy everything made by germany. but we should support local companies, farmers, etc

    made in germany is also often a question of quality and if you buy local you know under which conditions the worker have to work.

  5. We should buy locally and globally because it only makes since most of the local companies get there goods from global trade but not all so it would be good to support both of them.

  6. We should buy locally to support the local economy rather than ignoring those that are our neighbors and expect them to survive without our help.