Tuesday, May 12, 2009


There are a lot of movements to do something for the protection of the environment, which has become a global issue. Make a list of the ones you think are worthy of your support and discuss why you think so.


  1. I think Greenpeace is a good organisation!
    They try to defend our Ozeans, try to stop the climate change, protect forests and do many other things to protect our environment!
    Also WWF fight for our environment...
    For example, they will conserve 19 of the world’s most important natural places and significantly change global forces to protect the future of nature by 2020!

  2. I think a lot has been talked about changing the environment and doing this and that but nothing has been done were still dumping trash in land fields and polluting the air every day and it’s not just in America it’s all over the globe. Recycling isn’t enough we need to think bigger than that.

  3. i think there was a big change in the politics in the last few years. of course we should do more, like joe said. but recycling is a good start.

    or think about kyoto. i wonder why the usa doesnt join it or at least do more for the enviroment.

  4. In regards to Joe and Lauras comments; I agree that everyone should start recycling and if not that at least put your trash in the trash can. For example the smoking pit at our school is completely filled with trash and cigarette butts when there is a trash can ten feet away. Everyone is just too lazy to get up. With Joe saying that recycling isn't enough... It might not be enough to rewind what we have been doing to the earth, but it’s a good start to stop any further damage.

  5. I agree with Jamie, we do need to stop being to lazy to walk to a trash can a few feet away, and toss our trash where it is meant to be. Everyday as I walk out of the school I see trash all along the ground like that's where it is meant to be. It's disgusting!