Tuesday, May 12, 2009


'They used to be thought of as crackpots.' (Sign reads - civilization is doomed due to overpopulation, pollution, misuse of energy and resources.)


  1. I’ve heard of this before and another term for this is "Global Warming" talks about how countries are becoming over populated and were miss using our energy polluting the air causing global warming.

  2. In order to save some energy and stop (or at least slow down) global warming
    energy shouldn’t be produced by burnin’ wood, oil, gas or cole. I think that the
    power of wind and water should be converted into energy. I know that this can not
    be realised from one day to another, but small steps are effective, too.
    Europe, China and North America causes most of the air pollution. That’s the reason
    why our countries should work together and put a lot of money into environmental

  3. There are many ways to save energy, better insulation in homes conserve heating and cooling. Also using solar and wind power is a good way. The over population is a big deal I think, there are a lot of teens getting pregnant and I think it’s ridiculous because we are just adding more people to the population with most likely unfit parents. With the population being so large so many people driving around needing to go places like work or school, with driving we are putting a lot of green house gases into the atmosphere with our vehicles... a way to reduce the green house gases being put into the air, we should car pull more often and/or take public transportation. With buses and car pulling, fewer vehicles are on the road infecting our air. Another thing that infects our air are all the factories that pour out smoke into our air, if it is putting holes into our atmosphere, think about what it’s doing to our lungs, it can't be safe. We defiantly misuse our recourses, and there are some resources that cannot be reused...what happens after they are gone? No one will know what to do.

  4. Yes, we do need to start using the power of wind and water more, but with every step we have made, we seem to take 5 steps back. China and the U.S. have the highest of all pollution records because of globalization.

  5. i totally agree with jonas.
    there have to be a change in the people's mind to fight for the enviroment.
    i love these little ads on mtv: switch
    everyboy should listen to it and of course also realize it. this would a big step forward.
    some may say: if im the only one, i cant change anthing.
    but thats not true. if we really want to change something, everyone has to join this movement.
    for example. good isolations reduces 25% of our heat energy

  6. I think that it's very important to start fighting! We must change something!
    I want my children to have a clean world..I mean we got a clean world and give back a dirty world!
    We should do something on our own and how Jonas just said:Small steps can be effecive too!